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Apr 29

Picnics. It’s what we do.

And today was a perfect day for it. I packed some goodies and we walked to the tippy-top of Alta Plaza Park, where we drank in the city views and the cool breezes up there gave us all a much needed break from the stifling heat. It was so breezy up there, in fact, we all got a bit chilly and had to put on our jackets! 

I think picnics just might be my favorite family activity. From the minute we spread out our trusty picnic blanket, it’s total bliss. We kick off our shoes, the kids play and we dig into the picnic basket. I love having a long, lingering lunch as we take in the fresh air and the warm, peppery scent of the green grass. We chat about nothing important. We take our time. We laugh a lot.