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May 20

Productivity report

So how’d I do with the ol’ to-do list today?

Well, in case you’re wondering, not too bad. Here’s what we’re lookin’ at as of 7:30pm on Sunday evening:

  • climb Mount Laundry (laundry = dominated)
  • clean kitchen (sparkling!)
  • clean out aquarium (the fishes say thank you)
  • make meal plan/shopping list for next week (I’ll do this first thing in the morning…actually, second thing…coffee will be first)
  • deep clean blue bathroom (nope, didn’t happen)
  • clean off [my mess from] Dennis’ desk(Den’s desk: she is tidy once again)
  • sort through and file miscellaneous paperwork
  • go through backlog of HOA emails
  • pay a couple of bills (paid! feels so good!)
  • general cleaning
  • dust
  • vacuum bedrooms
  • attack the box of ironing
  • re-org cabinet in blue bathroom
  • pack up box for donation pick up on May 30th
  • vacuum under dining room table
  • posterboard project (I’ll post on this soon)
  • make a large batch of granola
  • make a large pot of soup
  • bake some bread (will do tomorrow AM)
  • bake some banana bread

Honestly, not bad for an eclipsy sorta Sunday. I swear if I’d not spent so much time trying (and failing) to get a picture of this celestial event, I might have actually got more done! Ha!